Character Name Generator

A simple tool designed to generate names.

Have you ever found yourself needing a name for a character in a story, a play, or a novel? Well, writers in the U.S., at least, can now breathe a collective sigh of relief and turn to Character Name Generator, freeware from Bad Wolf Software.

Once installed, the software's interface is quite simple and very easy to understand. To produce a list, you pick a gender, set the desired popularity of the first and last names, choose the age group, and then click on the Generate Names button. The tool will then provides a set of 11 names based on the chosen criteria. Clicking the button again will give the next set and so on. The first and last names are categorized as Popular, Average, and Obscure. There is also a choice for Nationality but the dropdown menu for that category in this current version has only one option, American.

While Character Name Generator may not be for everybody, writers could find it to be a very useful tool. It has one job to do and does it well.

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