Read it right with Hamster Free Book Converter

Convert your ebooks between formats with this fast and easy freeware.

While e-books are steadily gaining in popularity with the reading public, an overabundance of devices and formats keeps the lid on. The market will probably sort out the competition the way it always does, but until then, your options are to limit your reading to titles available for your reader, or convert e-books into a format your reader supports. That's where Hamster Free Book Converter enters the story. This simple, free tool lets you drag and drop or add e-book titles in a wide range of formats and either choose your device or file type to automatically convert them into compatible e-books.

Hamster Free Book Converter has a simple but attractive interface and layout. You add titles by browsing or dragging and dropping them directly into the main window; we tried both. After adding titles, we clicked Next, and Book Converter displayed icons for Devices and Formats and platforms. We merely had to click the correct icon for our device (23 as of our test) or format (12, including EPUB, MOBI, TXT, HTMP, PDF, and LIT) and click Convert. The program prompted us to choose a destination for our converted file. That's about our only complaint with Hamster's simple, effective tool: We wish it saved converted titles to the source directory by default, or at least offered the option to set a default destination folder. But the program's options are essentially limited to choice of interface language.

Hamster Free Book Converter made quick work of our titles, converting them between several formats. The program tracks each title's progress down the list with very large numerical displays of the percent of total. When our job was done, we could click Open Folder to view our converted titles in the destination folder or return to the list. Apart from social media tools, that's all there is to Hamster Free Book Converter, and all there really needs to be to fulfill its mission. No matter what brand or type of reader you own or what format you've saved a title to, this fast, free tool makes it totally easy to access your e-books.

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