Win Lock Pro adds Windows 8's log-in screen to current Windows versions

Preview the Windows 8 log-in screen with this free application.

Windows 8 promises to bring many cool and different features to your desktop. Some developers can't wait and are previewing some of those features. BlueZap's Win Lock Pro is a free screen-locking and Windows log-in application that takes its visual cues from the Windows 8 log-in and screen lock system. It's frequently updated; the version we tested (version 8) enhances security by disabling the Alt, Tab, and Win keys when Win Lock Pro is in use.

Win Lock Pro's Welcome screen walked us through the process of creating and confirming a password. Once Win Lock was active, we could open the Windows 8-style login screen by double-clicking anywhere on the desktop or by pressing the Esc key or the space bar. A desktop gadget accesses updates, settings, and the log-in screen itself. When Windows is locked, Win Lock displays an attractive abstract view with a prominent time display. The login screen itself is in a bold primary green with buttons resembling Swiss public signs, which are models of design clarity and functionality. Of course, we could customize the background and much more from Win Lock's Settings, everything from changing our password and profile picture to unlocking an optional integrated pen drive feature.

We experienced a slight bit of bugginess when closing the Settings; nothing serious, though users can report bugs from the Settings page. The only thing newer than Win Lock Pro is Windows 8, and no one's saying it's bug-free just yet. But we welcome Win Lock Pro for giving us a glimpse of things to come. Windows 8 brings the most radical revamping of the operating system's look in many years. We like what we've seen so far. If you're curious about the new look, there's no need to go all beta on your system. Just try Win Lock Pro.

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