Protect against malware with Anvi Smart Defender

Protect your PC against malware and more with this free suite of tools.

Anti-malware protection is almost as important as antivirus protection for keeping your PC safe. Many popular antivirus programs also include anti-malware scanners and other tools designed to block and remove threats. But count us among those who prefer to augment their antivirus solution with a top-quality anti-malware program. Anvisoft's Anvi Smart Defender is a free anti-malware tool that offers multiple scan levels as well as cloud-based scanning and extras that clean and optimize your PC and repair issues caused by malware and garbage files.

Five buttons define Anvi's features: Scan, Cloud, Guard, Optimize, and Update. We started with a Quick Scan and followed up with a Full Scan. The Custom Scan option lets users select which disks and directories to scan. Anvi's scans completed quickly and found results similar to other malware scanners we ran at the same time. The Cloud Scan turned up a suspected threat. We clicked Upload, and the online tool verified our file as safe. We could drag and drop individual files into the Cloud Scan for verification, too. Anvi's five Guard utilities are active by default: Privacy, Startup, Process, Behavior, and Files. The Optimize tab has a variety of extra tools for cleaning and tweaking your system, including a Registry Fix, Privacy Cleaner, and Memory Sweep. The Disk Defragment tool isn't selected by default since the process can take a long time and doesn't need to be done very often. Also, you should never defragment SSDs (like our C drive). All Anvi's extras are fully functional. The program's Options include scheduling, an ignore list, a file quarantine, and language choices. The Help menu includes an HTML-based quick-start guide, FAQs, product manuals, and technical support, including sample submissions for suspected malware.

Nothing can replace full antivirus software as the cornerstone of a proper PC security solution. But a good anti-malware program is essential as well. We found Anvi Smart Defender to be a capable anti-malware tool that also packs a useful suite of system maintenance and privacy utilities. We especially like the Cloud Scan feature's ability to check files against an online database of the latest threats.

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