Access and manage Favorites and Bookmarks with FavoritesView

Access your IE Favorites and Firefox Bookmarks from one view with this portable freeware.

NirSoft's FavoritesView is a neat bit of freeware that lets you save, edit, and access your Internet Explorer Favorites and Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks from one compact, customizable interface. You can choose your target folders and open Web pages directly from its toolbar. It can find duplicates and create HTML reports. Unfortunately, it doesn't (yet) accommodate Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any of the other other browsers.

As with many NirSoft tools, FavoritesView is portable freeware that opened as soon as we clicked the extracted program file. The program's interface is basic, with an up-to-date rendering of the classic layout: toolbar and list view. Like other NirSoft tools, FavoritesViews's list view offers customizable Column headings, optional grid lines, pop-up properties sheets for selected items, tooltips, and many other useful touches. The first two icons of the toolbar are IE and Firefox symbols; clicking either one displayed that browser's list of saved programs: IE's Favorites or Firefox's Bookmarks. Clicking the Web icon opened any selected page in our default browser, ironically, Chrome. But wouldn't it be cool to be able to open any page in any of our browsers from the context menu and/or the toolbar? The Duplicates finder worked fast and grouped duplicates together with spreadsheet-style alternate shading to make it much easier to scan the columns. We simply had to check the ones we wanted to remove and click Clear Duplicate Marks to clean the file up. We could also create HTML reports of all or selected items.

NirSoft's FavoritesView isn't the Holy Grail of bookmark managers by any means. But it's a worthy bit of freeware for accessing your IE Favorites and Firefox Bookmarks in one customizable view. Adding Chrome and other browsers would make FavoritesView a terrific little bookmarks manager. Nir Sofer, one of our favorite freeware developers and author of FavoritesView, is obviously a busy guy, but he updates his tools regularly, so it's probably just a matter of time (and dropping hints). A grand unifying tool of Web browser site-saving awaits. But let's be clear: we have zero complaints about FavoritesView, just suggestions for improving an excellent, well-thought-out utility.

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