ClipMagic Lite demonstrates ClipMagic's capabilities

Try out a clipboard replacement with this reduced freeware.

It seems that nothing in Windows can't be improved by a little (or a lot) of tweaking, and the perfect example is the Clipboard. ClipMagic Lite a freeware version of a clipboard management tool. Like the others, it lets you save, store, and manage clips, especially text files and images. It automatically adds clips when you press CTRL+C or select Copy, and even saves URLs when copying text from online sources. It has many other features, though some of the tools and options described in the extensive Help manual and tutorials are only available in the paid upgrade, such as the Filters/Rules feature that sorts clips automatically, clip editing, manually added clips, custom categories, and other significant features.

As you might expect with a clipboard-based tool, ClipMagic Lite is anchored on the system tray. Clicking its icon calls up the main interface. Its compact, Explorer-style layout offers a lot of information about its features and controls, something that stands out about ClipMagic in general. But this layout is the most logical for managing text clips: Left-side Categories tree view and a main window divided horizontally between an upper list view with detailed headings and a lower clip view. We could edit, reformat, and do a lot of other interesting and useful things to clips in this window, not just Save, Print, and Email them.

Here's the thing with ClipMagic Lite: we like it, but... It has tons of settings and options and plenty of extras, but too often it was disabled in the freeware. The full version is hardly expensive, and it's available as a trial, too; but we were looking at freeware. Despite its limited functionality, there's no question that ClipMagic Lite does a fine job of introducing itself to potential users, and that the fully functional version offers as much as any other tool of its type we've seen, or more. But for a free clipboard enhancement or replacement, try one of the more basic but fully functional tools that are not only freely available but also numerous.

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