Design your own 3D games with DeleD Community Edition

Create 3D animations and scenes easily with this open source freeware.

Delgine's DeleD Community Edition is probably the most intuitive 3D modeling tool we've tried, free or not, thanks to a logical layout and simple steps. While DeleD is optimized for game design, it's good for lots of other jobs, including image creation, educational videos, presentations, and prototyping. DeleD Community Edition is Open Source freeware that accepts plug-ins and is supported by a forum, wiki, and other collaborative resources.

DeleD's user interface got our attention right away because it manages to present a lot of complex controls, features, and information in a clean, efficient, and intuitive layout. The main view is divided into four windows: Top View, Side View, Front View, and a 3D view with several options. Speaking of options, DeleD has many; everything from lighting and shading to colors, texture, motion; it's widely customizable, too. But despite some complexity, DeleD's layout, controls, and toolboxes make for an unexpectedly intuitive tool. You really can just start dragging stuff into place to create a basic 3D object and scene. Scenes are built up of very basic elements: Primitives, such as cubes and cylinders; Skeletons; Lights, and Paths. To the right of the main view, a toolbox panel tabbed Create/Edit, Materials, and Object let us quickly create, change, and save the properties of our geometrical shapes and backgrounds. DeleD has plenty of tools and options that will be familiar to anyone who has used a graphics or video editor, CAD software, and other modeling tools, such as camera angle adjustments, and many common but useful commands like Undo and Zoom.

We dragged a variety of shapes into DeleD's views, and shapes we added to one views (such as the Side View) appeared in the other views. We could drag shapes to resize them, change their colors and properties, and link them. Right-clicking any view let us take screenshots, change views, and make other quick operations. We could save our project as DXS or DMF files. And that's just for starters. While DeleD makes creating 3D animations comparatively easy, it's still a complex process, but DeleD's support options are there for you.

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