Solve math expressions with Calculator Prompter

Solve complex math expressions with this unique, free calculator.

Math expressions are well-formed, logical combinations of numbers and factors such as mathematical symbols and variables. A good example of a math expression is 2+2. Solving the problem creates an equation: 2+2=4. Calculator Prompter is a freeware math expression calculator. You can type or paste entire expressions, including brackets and operators. A built-in error correction system helps you solve problems. Calculator Prompter supports functions and constants, too. It can perform any calculation a desktop or handheld calculator can handle. It's fast, flexible, and very capable tool for math-savvy users.

Calculator Prompter's interface is unlike most desktop calculators in that it has just two fields and three buttons, and no number pad or function keys. A pushpin button toggles always-on-top, while the Menu button lets users select rounding option, choose degrees or radians for angles, choose decimal, octal, hexal, and exponent base formats; and change the font. Clicking Help opened a Web-based manual that described how to install and use the calculator, clear the field, and change settings, and also listed supported functions and operators. Right-clicking either field called up a menu that let us select the field's contents, reverse the reading order to right-to-left, and other choices.

We started small, typing in 2+2 and pressing the Result button. Calculator Prompter displayed the result, 4. Next we tried the same expression to the power of two, (2+2)^2. Calculator Prompter returned the right answer, 16. We tried some incorrect expressions, which produced a variety of error messages: Paste operator here; paste number here; unknown symbol; and so on. Calculator Prompter handles standard operators so most expressions paste right in. Clearly, Calculator Prompter is much more of a scientific tool than an everyday desktop calculator (of which there is no shortage) though it certainly is capable of serving as one, especially for math buffs.

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