Manage personal and business information with SEO Note

Take note: This freeware PIM is simple yet highly flexible.

Personal Information Managers, or PIMs, are among the most useful freeware a busy person could wish for. SEO Note is a free PIM that uses a simple tree view for maximum flexibility. It saves your personal and business notes and contacts as articles in plain text, rich text, or HTML files. You can quickly access your important data via searching, bookmarks, and the tree view. With Tool Tips, Quick Start Guides, FAQs, Forums, and more on the Help menu, it offers plenty of assistance, but it's also fairly intuitive. The developer compares SEO Note's functionality to a simpler version of tools such as Word and rich-text editors.

SEO Note opened with a Quick Start guide and a Tool Tip we could choose to disable, but we opted to keep them while we learned to use it. The user interface has a familiar look and feel, as you might expect with a program anchored by a left-side tree view in the proper Explorer fashion. A Styles Manager on the Settings menu let us change some aspects of the interface as well as set hotkeys. The program also has a pop-up settings sheet with 7 tabs and many options. The Tools menu lets users add and manage external tools through an easy wizard. Notable on the Insert menu were a Login and Key Generator and an Insert Object wizard that can insert FoxIt, Office, OpenOffice, and other document formats into articles. SEO Note offers copious controls for managing, searching, editing, and handling notes, folders, and just about any aspect of this well-developed tool.

As we noted, the program opened with a Quick Start Guide, but there's really two Quick Start entries on the tree view; one giving an overview of the program's functions and another walking users step by step through windows, the main panel, hotkeys, and more. SEO Note is totally easy to use: Create a note, name it in the tree view, enter content, save, done. We could change the look of our notes, convert between formats, set an icon for our note, and much more. SEO Note is highly recommended.

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