Windows Tweaking Application

Tweak your systems with this simple tool.

If you happen to be a Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 user, you can implement tweaks to system areas and applications such as Windows, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player by using a single tool. Tweak Me from Wecode is a very easy-to-use, free tool that provides options for tweaking these areas and improving your computer's overall performance.

Tweak Me requires no installation, but it does require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher. You simply run the program, choose your preferred language, go over the list of tweaks, and tick those that you want to apply. Once you have made your choices, you click the Save and Exit button. Please note that you may need to restart the system in order for some tweaks to be applied.

The simple, modern, user-friendly interface uses a color-coding feature to categorize its recommendations. Green means a tweak is highly recommended and red means it should only be applied by seasoned users. The software also recognizes your operating system and will offer only tweaks that are supported by your system. For those afraid of making an error, System Restore Points are created by the program for additional security. Tweak Me also comes with its own cleaner.

When you run the program, it does leave a folder of its program files. Still, Tweak Me proves itself to be a handy tool to have on hand, and you can throw it your toolbox at no charge.

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