Customize your drive icons with Drive Icon Changer

Don't expect much from this bare-bones utility.

Sometimes we encounter desktop enhancements that change things that we never realized anyone could want or need to change. This is the case with Drive Icon Changer, which will change the icon associated with your various drives when you view them in My Computer.

We get the feeling that anyone who really wanted to do this could figure it out without the help of software, and it seems to us that the real purpose of Drive Icon Changer is to direct traffic to the creator's blog and Twitter account. But if you really do need a quick way to change your drive icons, Drive Icon Changer will do the job.

The program is extremely simple to use. It displays a list of your drives, along with a Change Icon button. Click the button, navigate to the icon you want to use (only one outdated icon is included, so you'd better find or create your own), and click Open. A message appears that tells you to refresh My Computer to see the changes, and when we did, the selected icon had indeed been changed.

The program will also automatically open Internet Explorer and display either the creator's Web site or his Twitter account; it alternates with each use of the program. Overall, Drive Icon Changer works, but it doesn't do much, and users will need to decide if the ease of changing drive icons is worth the annoyance of being forced to view a Web site or Twitter account every time.

Drive Icon Changer comes as a ZIP file, and it installs a desktop icon without asking. It uninstalls without issues.

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