Flip your lid with Flip Words 2

Challenge your brain with this fun word puzzle.

Flip Words 2 is an addictive word puzzle that's part seek-and-find, part Wheel of Fortune, and all fun. If you like the challenge of creating words out of random letters and solving riddles, you'll find Flip Words 2 to be totally addictive.

Like all games from Free Ride Games, you will first have to download the game manager, which will then download Flip Words 2. It will also download a variety of other games without your permission unless you stop it. There's plenty of advertising, too; there's a video ad you have to sit through before you can play, and the game was also periodically interrupted by videos that we had to sit through before our game could resume. Banner ads ran across the top and down the right side of the game, too. But if you're willing to put up with all that, you'll be rewarded with a word puzzle that's loads of fun. Flip Words 2 displays a random assortment of letters in a seven-by-seven grid. Above the grid, there's a Wheel of Fortune-style phrase with blanks for each letter. When you connect letters in the grid to form a word, you earn points, and the first letter of the word, if present anywhere in the phrase, is revealed. It's much easier to play than it is to explain, and built-in hints make sure you take advantage of freebies and bonuses. The game has three modes, Classic, Strategy, and Party, to keep things interesting; Party lets you play with other people online. Overall, we loved Flip Words 2, and we recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good word puzzle.

Flip Words 2 installs and uninstalls without issues.

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