Challenge yourself with T-Crisis 3 100% A.I.

Enjoy this challenging variation of the classic Russian puzzle game.

If you, like us, used to spend hours sitting in front of the TV playing Tetris on your Nintendo Entertainment System, you're going to love T-Crisis 3 100% A.I. It's not a clone of the original, but that's OK; we daresay it's even better.

The program's interface is easy to navigate, but we had to do some experimenting to figure out all the game's features; there's not much in the way of instructions or descriptions. T-Crisis supports up to three players, and when you don't have friends playing along, the computer plays the other two puzzles that are included on the screen.

There are a variety of different game modes, including the original mode that everyone is familiar with, as well as 30-second, 60-second, and 120-second time attack modes. There's also a 20-line challenge mode and crisis mode, in which lines appear from the bottom of the screen as blocks are falling from the top. The game comes with 19 different high-quality songs, a very nice touch, as well as six different background images. A full complement of options lets you customize aspects of the game, such as whether the next piece is displayed, whether a drop shadow is displayed, and even the style of the pieces. Overall, we think that T-Crisis 3 100% A.I. is a great choice for fans of this classic puzzle game, and we recommend it.

T-Crisis 3 100% A.I. installs and uninstalls without issues.

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