Seek the lost continent of Atlantis with Atlantis Quest

Take an ancient adventure with this fun puzzle game.

Puzzle games: they're so simple, yet so addictive. If you find that you're a sucker for games that involve rearranging tiles to match them up and clear them from the board, try Atlantis Quest. This adventure-themed game takes players though ancient lands on a quest to find the lost continent of Atlantis. It's not unlike many other puzzle games in this genre, but there's a good reason for the popularity of this kind of game: it's fun!

Be aware that before downloading Atlantis Quest, you'll first have to download the Free Ride Games manager, which will then download the game. It will also download numerous other games without your permission if you're not paying attention. You will then have to sit through a video advertisement, and once the game itself finally loads, it will be surrounded on two sides by banner advertisements. If you can get past all that, Atlantis Quest is a lot of fun to play. For each level, the board includes various objects--coins, jewels, and so on--that must be matched in sets of at least three to be cleared from the board. There are also pieces of ancient artifacts in the puzzle--Dionysus' amphora, the shield of Nebuchadnezzar--and the object of the game is to clear the objects beneath these pieces so that they can be released from the bottom of the board and put back together. The puzzles get harder as you progress through the various levels, and a well-done soundtrack adds to the intensity of the game. In-game instructions guide new users, but it shouldn't be difficult for most players to figure out. Overall, we think that Atlantis Quest is a fun challenge for any puzzle lover, and we recommend it.

Atlantis Quest installs and uninstalls without issues.

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