Glenlay Gallery makes photo albums easy

Create and share photo albums easily with this freeware.

Glenlay Gallery is a supereasy photo gallery program that can display your albums inside its interface, in your Web browser, or online using free Web storage space. With built-in templates and layout color schemes, it creates photo albums in three easy steps. You can edit images, rotate them, write and edit descriptions, and display EXIF data. A built-in FTP client makes it easy to publish your albums online to store or share them.

Glenlay Gallery's installer walks new users through the three steps for creating a new album. Step 1 involves choosing a layout template and color theme. The program includes 10 layouts, including Verbose Explorer (which displays EXIF data) and a variety of horizontal, vertical, and thumbnail options. We chose Description & thumbnail right, with a maroon color theme. Clicking Continue advanced us to Step 2, naming our album and selecting source and destination folders. Step 3 processed our files and offered four additional steps: Edit pictures, by selecting rotate or flip commands; Edit Description, via a pop-up text box; Publish it on the Web, via the built-in FTP client and an FTP server address you supply; and Put a shortcut on the Desktop. We could toggle the wizard panel open and closed from the gallery window's toolbar, which also let us regenerate (refresh) the album as well as open the album in our Web browser (in this case, Chrome) or in Windows Explorer. We could change our album's appearance easily by opening it in Glenlay Gallery's main view and changing the templates or colors; also just by hitting the Back button. We flipped back to apply the EXIF-compatible interface. Clicking a thumbnail in our gallery view called up a single image with all its EXIF data. Double-clicking an image opens a RAW view inside an Internet Explorer page.

The FTP wizard also worked well, and users will find no lack of file-sharing sites to post their albums to. Of course, you should always be aware of security and copyright issues when posting images online. For a fast, free gallery program that makes sharing albums online easy, try Glenlay Gallery.

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