Banish red-eyed zombies with Free Red-eye Reduction Tool

Remove red-eye from your snapshots with this fast, easy, free tool.

Red-eye: In horror movies, it's usually a bad sign. It's a bad sign in your snapshots, too. Now that digital cameras are everywhere, so is red-eye. Fortunately, so are free tools to remove redeye from your digital snapshots. Like Free Red-eye Reduction Tool, which is both an accurate name and apt description for this simple photo editing app. LifeSniffer's free tool makes it supereasy to correct red-eye from portraits and groups, removing the (occasionally alarming) effect that can make family snapshots look like horror movie stills with just a few mouse clicks.

Free Red-eye Reduction Tool's user interface is compact and basic in its features, but efficient, with everything you need right on the toolbar. This toolbar's controls let us move, copy, and adjust the image and display scale; save and print images, and other basic operations, including copying whole or selected areas to the clipboard. We started by opening an image to correct, and we didn't have to search very hard to find a snapshot haunted by ghoulish red-eye in our Pictures library. This program is largely automatic in operation: Open a photo, zoom in on the red-eye, select the area by dragging with left mouse button clicked, and let the button go. The tool does the rest, though if you don't like the results, you can lighten or darken them using a slider. Icons let us save all modifications to the image or save them as a copy to a specific location. Free Red-eye Reduction Tool did the job on our examples on the first attempt. Help file? It don't need no ... well, you get the idea. But this program is very easy to use, with nothing hidden and nothing to set.

We've used other red-eye correction tools, and they're not especially challenging, but we've never seen one as quick and easy as this one before now. Banish red-eye from your photo collection before the zombies and demons take it over, with help from Free Red-eye Reduction Tool.

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