Paper platformer

Paper Monsters is a polished traditional platformer with dense but simple gameplay and winningly cute art and sound design.

Paper Monsters is a polished traditional platformer with some added extras and winningly cute art and sound design.

Paper Monsters will instantly evoke other classic platformers, but in a good way: the play and interface are intuitive (a roaming virtual joystick on the left, a jump button on the right, which you tap twice to double-jump), and levels with collectible coins ("buttons"), warp pipes, enemies to jump upon, checkpoints, and lots of hidden pick-ups and paths to encourage repeat play. As the game progresses through its four chapters, with four levels each, the enemies and environments get more interesting and challenging, but the game never strays from its satisfying roots--and it's easy to get further sucked in by a couple of add-in mini-games and the ability to customize the game's boxy protagonist.

What's interesting about Paper Monsters is the ability on several levels to warp from the platforms in the foreground to areas in the background of the level. What ends up happening is you'll see the background area beforehand making you want to find the secret entrance to get more coins and bonuses. Other games offer secret areas, but the added visual queue of seeing it in the distance adds to the excitement.

With its high quality, DIY-craft aesthetic, and unique secret level implementation, Paper Monsters is a must-download for platformer fans. I look forward to seeing what the company can do in future versions--and hopefully the developers will also fix the game's loud intro, which unfortunately ignores the hardware mute switch and volume controls.

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