Save Coral Hills with SpongeBob SquarePants Pyramid Peril

Save SpongeBob's reef with this fun little game.

Bikini Bottom's famed Coral Hills are wilting. You can help get them blooming again, if you stay away from stinging jellyfish and other perils (and your name happens to be SpongeBob). SpongeBob Square Pants Pyramid Peril is a free Softendo game in which you (you being SpongeBob SquarePants) hop about a coral reef, changing wilted squares to healthy blooming coral one by one without getting stung or falling off the reef. It's simple, silly undersea fun.

The game's installer offered to include a Super Mario-themed toolbar, which we declined. Pyramid Peril's start screen includes How to Play and High Score buttons. We clicked How to Play. We've basically summarized the game's simple rules and method of play already: you are SpongeBob, and your mission is to hop down the reef, going from square to square to change each square's color without getting stung by anemones, encrusted by barnacles, or chased by sea horses. Anemones turn squares back, so SpongeBob has to squash them. You can jump on a whirlpool to escape danger and return to the top of the reef, or jump on Gary's back to freeze time. Completing one level advances you to the next. This is a fun, fast-paced game with lots of clicking, and the pace picks up as the levels increase. The game records high scores, but it has no options other than a mute button.

Everyone's favorite marine invertebrate is a very simple creature, which is a big part of his appeal. The same is true of Pyramid Peril, which is simple enough for anyone to learn yet diverting enough for anyone to enjoy. How simple? The game's title bar displayed "Untitled project." Everything worked fine, though, and in the end, the reef was saved, at least until lunchtime.

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