Stay sharp with Find A Word

Keep your brain sharp with this free word game.

Find A Word is a simple but challenging word game that's also a lot of fun to play. This jumble variant presents you with a list of random letters, including vowels, and you have to make as many words out of them as you can before your turn is up without using any proper names, contractions, abbreviations, or words not on the program's approved list. Turns can be 30, 60, or 90 seconds long.

Find A Word's interface is basic but designed very well for the job. It starts with Start Game and Start Turn buttons at the top, just below the menu bar. Two fields handle most of the action: The Letter Pot, which lists the random letters, and Your Word, in which you type in words. There's an Enter button, but it's much quicker to press the Enter key when you're playing. Aside from an End Game button, the only other features select the duration of the turn and count up results.

To play, you simply click Start Game and enter as many words as you can make out of the Letter Pot before your turn ends. Clicking the Start Turn button starts the game over and refreshes the Letter Pot. The game's options include turning the sound on and off and a Top Ten score ranking.

We clicked Start Game. Find A Word filled the Letter Pot and started counting down our turn from 60 (the default choice). We found the best way to play is to go for the quick three-letter words first, as many as you can, and then longer words. It's also helpful to try each vowel with each consonant, and don't forget vowel combinations. Not every Letter Pot is a trove of words: we got one with two qs and no u to go with them. Find A Word is the sort of word game that can become habit-forming, but it's the sort of habit that has benefits since this brain-teasing game can help keep you sharp as well as entertained.

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