CoolNovo Portable is Google Chrome plus much more

Take Chrome with you with CoolNovo Portable.

CoolNovo Portable is the new name for ChromePlus, an enhanced version of Google Chrome. As the new name indicates, CoolNovo is totally portable, meaning it runs when you click it without having to be installed. You can set up CoolNovo on a USB stick and use it a home, work, and on the go, with all your bookmarks, passwords, and settings. CoolNovo has all of Chrome's features plus some useful extras, such as Mouse Gestures, Superdrag, EI Tabs, support for downloads from context menus, and the ability to close tabs directly with a double click.

CoolNovo is basically identical to Chrome's baseline version, with the addition of an expanding, optional sidebar for bookmarks and other uses. A bookmarks sidebar that can be pinned open is a feature Chrome users have long sought, but obscure issues we won't go into kept them waiting. CoolNovo's sidebar appears to be the very thing. Of course, CoolNovo can be customized in many ways, just like Chrome, and most of the add-ins that work with Chrome will also work with it, too. CoolNovo's settings menu is also the same as Chome's. We opened CoolNovo's Web page from the About menu; the site offered lots of information, including a Getting Started Tutorial.

We were already familiar with ChromePlus, so we started with CoolNovo by importing our bookmarks, passwords, and other settings from Chrome (you can also import them from IE and Firefox). Like Chrome, CoolNovo is very fast, and we ran through our familiar bookmarks with no problems. Opening the Options, we saw some of CoolNovo's unique features, such as Mouse Gesture, Adblock, Accelerator, and IE Tab Settings. The Mouse Gestures option is selected by default. The gestures are super-simple to set up: Just click the visual icon showing the motion and select a command from the list, such as navigate forward or back. The Adblock feature offered separate fields for subscribed and user-defined rules. The Accelerator page offers several goodies, including a Boss Key and tons of shortcuts and hotkeys. IE Tabs options include a Cloud switch. Many of these features can be added to Chrome but come integrated with CoolNovo.

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