Hear the time with Talking Desktop Clock

Get a verbal alert about the time with this versatile program.

Although the clock in the Windows system tray displays the time, it doesn't do much else, and there are a variety of programs that seek to provide useful clock features that Windows doesn't. Talking Desktop Clock is an attractive addition to the default Windows clock, and we recommend it to anyone who could use an audio reminder or alarm.

Talking Desktop Clock appears as an icon in the system tray and also displays an attractive translucent analog clock face, which disappears when you mouse over it. Opening the Options menu revealed a wide variety of settings, including numerous different clock faces and opacity controls. Talking Desktop Clock can be set to play a variety of different sounds or speak the time at given intervals, including on the hour, half-hour, and quarter-hour, or after a set number of minutes. If you only want the program to play sounds during certain hours of the day, that can be specified as well.

Talking Desktop Clock uses Microsoft Agent and Microsoft Speech for speaking the time; the familiar Agent characters Merlin, Genie, Peedy, and Robby appear when they're selected, or the Speech voice Sam can be used instead. Tooltips instruct users on the program's features, but we found it easy to figure out.

Overall, we found Talking Desktop Clock to be versatile, attractive, and easy to use, and we think it's a great choice if you need to be reminded of the time for any number of reasons.

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