Render 3D images with this cool freeware

Create 2D and 3D models with this freeware design tool.

Did you ever wish you could create cool 3D images of cars, landscapes, and anything else you can visualize, only to choke at the price of 3D modeling software? High-quality 3D design tools are finally available as freeware, such as ThreeDify Designer Free, a scaled-back freeware version of 3Dify Designer, which some users will remember as ActiveSolid. This capable 2D- and 3D-modeling and rendering application has two operational modes, as a standalone tool and as an ActiveX object in Internet Explorer, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs. We tried its standalone mode.

ThreeDify Designer Free's user interface bears a strong resemblance to other tools of its type, an Explorer-style window with multiple toolbars containing a wide range of controls for manipulating 3D objects in a variety of axes, viewing angles, and renderings. A tabbed console to the right of the main window gave us quick access to a Browse feature listing all our created 2D and 3D objects with checkboxes to deselect them; a Model tab for quickly adding shapes, lines, and objects to the view; a View tab that includes camera settings for recording still and video images of our models; and a very detailed Rendering tab for commands, options, materials, and lighting. The menu bar offers still more features, including an Advanced menu.

We jumped right into 3Dify Designer Free by clicking New to start a new project and then clicking Create to add a variety of 2D and 3D objects by simply selecting one, clicking the interface, and dragging a line to set the object's baseline dimensions. We could select a range of rendering options such as wireframe, flat shading, and several combinations. We could even add 2D and 3D text. We could change the scale, colors, thickness of the lines, background, and much more. The freeware obviously doesn't offer as much as the full version, which is also available as a free trial. But for beginners, home users, and anyone interested in trying 3D modeling, ThreeDify Designer Free is a great place to start.

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