New Folder Removal Tool zaps the New Folder virus

Remove the annoying New Folder virus from your PC with this simple free fix.

If you thought the New Folder virus was an unfortunate tendency to pepper your system with empty New Folders (not to mention New Folder (2), etc.) then you're probably lucky. But if you've got new folders popping up all over the place faster than you can delete them, your system has been infected by the New Folder virus, also called Iddono. Help is available from Security Stronghold's Newfolder Removal Tool. This simple, standalone freeware removes all instances of newfolder.exe and related viruses with a single click. It also immunizes removable drives against the virus, a useful feature since USB drives and similar devices are a major disease vector, so to speak.

We were confident our test system wasn't infected with the New Folder virus, and we didn't plan to infect it to try New Folder Removal Tool, even if we had access to a copy of the virus. Nevertheless, we downloaded, installed, and ran the tool since it never hurts to be sure, and the program won't hurt your system by checking. The interface is little more than a message box with a list view; other than basic control buttons and a drive selector, the only other feature is a link to contact support. So we selected our C drive and started the scan. According to New Folder Removal Tool, most scans take from a few minutes to 1 hour. Ours took about as long as similar malware scans. The program displayed the current directory and files as it scanned. The program scanned our SSD as easily as our HDD. We never thought it wouldn't, but it seemed worth mentioning since some common HDD tools shouldn't be used on SSDs, such as disk defragmenters, and some users might be concerned.

As we expected, New Folder Removal Tool didn't find any instances of the New Folder virus on either of our physical drives. But it's nice to know there's such an easy fix available for this annoying infection.

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