Don't waste your time with Splendid Desktop Helper

There's little to recommend with this unstable screensaver.

Although screensavers are no longer a necessity, many people still like to use them to customize their desktops. There's a screensaver for every taste, whether you like sports cars, nature, outer space, or slideshows utilizing your own images. And then there's Splendid Desktop Helper. We can't imagine that this train wreck of a program would appeal to anyone.

You'll want to pay close attention while installing Splendid Desktop Helper--should you, for some reason, choose to do so--because if you don't you'll also end up installing something called RebateRobot. Once we had the program installed, it asked us if we wanted to create a password to protect our computer. We opted to skip this step, not trusting Splendid Desktop Helper to be able to handle such a task. Next we were greeted with a neon green configuration screen, though it was not at all clear what exactly we were configuring. We were asked to select genres of images to include, such as "animal," "guy," "baby," and "sexy beauty." We could choose "Internet picture" or "local picture," though there didn't seem to be any way to navigate to a directory of images on our own machine. There were some pretty typical settings such as options to tile, center, or stretch images, and adjust the interval between image changes, but there were also fields for background movies and Flash files. We decided to skip these and try out Splendid Desktop Helper's basic features first, and that ended up being all we needed to see. We thought we were just getting a screensaver, but the program also turned out to be a desktop wallpaper changer. The images used in both the screensaver and on the wallpaper varied drastically, with professional-looking nature scenes being interspersed with amateur photos of children and strange-looking cartoons. To add insult to injury, we ended up having to use the task manager to shut the screensaver down. Overall, we do not recommend Splendid Desktop Helper at all; it's hard to configure, unstable, and has few redeeming qualities.

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