Be a Facebook spy with this desktop app.

Bring Facebook to the desktop with this free but limited software.

Face Software is Facebook software. In essence, it's a "free-to-use" desktop app integrating Facebook access with a variety of tracking and activity-monitoring tools. These so-called Spy Tools include spying on your so-called loved ones, tracking crushes, monitoring friends, seeing who has unfriended you, and others. Unfortunately, we couldn't access these interesting features, or some fairly basic ones, for that matter, without buying the premium version of the software. So, while the download is free and the software works, the most interesting and unique features are disabled in this so-called freeware.

We downloaded and installed the free version of Face Software and logged in to Facebook. A left-side control panel let us access Facebook Home, Accounts, Photos Manager, Birthday Stuffs (yup, "stuffs"), Wall Tools, Message Tools, Friends Manager, Relationship Monitor, and Spy Tools. Under Accounts, we found our information, photos, and so on. Face supports multiple Facebook accounts--if you unlock the software by purchasing the full version, that is. We clicked on Photos Manager, which let us download photos all right. But when we tried to upload some, we learned we'd have to unlock the software. The Birthday Stuffs, Wall Tools, Messages Tools, and Friends Manager all seemed to work normally, though they basically just centralize access to various Facebook features. But the Relationships Monitor's Breakup notifier and Mutual crush tool are much more suggestive. These require careful maneuvering, of course, especially the crush tracker. But crushes aren't notified until both appear on each other's crush list. The Spy Tools are among the most interesting features. The Self scanner searches for mentions of you in others' accounts. However, you'll have to buy the full version to spy on other people.

Of course, we're being overly dramatic about the "spy" stuff in Face Software, which doesn't access others' private information and really doesn't do anything you couldn't do yourself the hard way. We wish Face Software had been more upfront about what's free and what's not in its products, but at least you can take a look at what it has to offer in the crowded field of Facebook apps.

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