Rise and shine with Simple Alarm Clock

Set alarms for each day of the week with this useful but basic program.

Simple Alarm Clock is exactly what the name implies: an extremely easy-to-use program that lets you set different alarms for every day of the week. It's definitely not the most feature-filled alarm utility we've seen, but for simplicity, it can't be beat.

The program's interface is all business, with a list of the days of the week and check boxes and drop-down menus that let you make selections. Days can be enabled individually, which is handy if your work or school schedule varies and you need to get up at different times during the week. You then just enter the time and select either the default alarm sound--a classic ringing alarm bell--or an audio file of your own choosing. You can also select how many minutes the snooze delay will last. Clicking Set Alarms saves the program's settings and minimizes it to the system tray. We tried several alarms and they all went off as scheduled, with the program launching our default media player to play audio that we had selected. The program has no other features and no Help file, but that's OK; it does all it needs to do and doesn't require much explanation. If you're looking for something with multiple daily alarms or custom alert messages, Simple Alarm Clock isn't it. But if you need something that will simply get you out of bed or otherwise alert you to a specific time, this program fits the bill.

Simple Alarm Clock installs and uninstalls without issues.

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