Run through, jump over, and blast your way through zombie hordes

Zombie Dash is surprisingly addictive, as it adds hordes of undead enemies to your typical side-scrolling escape/survival game.

Zombie Dash is a fun and surprisingly addictive game that adds hordes of undead enemies to the typical side-scrolling escape/survival genre.

The object of Zombie Dash is to run as far as you can without falling into a chasm or getting hit three times. Your character and the screen automatically do the running, while your job is to shoot your away through zombie attackers, jump over chasms, and avoid other dangerous obstacles in your path. With the jump button on the left of the screen, and the shoot button on the right, this game is about as simple as it gets.

As you make your way across the terrain, you can also power up your weapon by finding and jumping into small Mario-style power-up blocks. These blocks might give you a powerful bazooka-like gun that can fire through multiple zombies at once or a rifle that shoots in spurts of three. No matter which weapon you get, it should be better than the standard issue short-range gun that you start with. But watch out because the upgrades all run out of ammo at some point, which should keep you dashing your way from box to box as you play.

One thing I would've liked to see in Zombie Dash is a greater variation in weaponry. Sure the robot, bazooka, jet pack, and bombs are great, but other than those, there's not much else. After a while, I found myself getting less excited about running into power-up boxes, since I had already gotten sick of the game's limited menu of weapons.

Overall, Zombie Dash is a fun title that's really easy to pick up and play in those short moments of free time throughout your day. If you're into escape/survival games, or are just looking for the newest zombie-related title, I highly recommend this download.

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