Automate Windows with TimeComX Basic

Automate, log, and configure tasks and more with this free utility.

With TimeComX Basic, you can tell your PC to shut down, go into hibernation, and run a variety of processes automatically on schedule, after a certain time, or when activity drops. This free program improves and expands your control over a range of automated processes and activities in Windows. Optional password protection, automatic screenshots, and logging make it a great choice for parents, employers, and others concerned about unauthorized access or activity on their computers.

TimeComX's unique interface is clean, efficient, and attractive, beginning with a row of icons accessing Global Settings, Passwords, Profiles, and Logs. The main view has three expandable headings on the right side: Event, Task, and Extras. The Event tab features an interesting rotary knob, the Simple Counter, that controls the time counter; other choices are Advanced Counter, with minutes and seconds; Daytime, for daily Events; and Activity Monitor, which can log any activity by CPU, Network, Process, or Keyboard and Mouse. The Task tab offers a range of activities on a drop-down list, including not only common functions like shutdown and restart but also running programs, opening URLs, ending processes, turning off displays, and playing alarms, many of which include a delay option.

Under Extras, we could select the screenshot feature and configure the optional Countdown Warning the program issues (visual, audible, or both) as well as enter a text message (GO TO BED NOW, for instance) to issue 30 seconds prior to an operation such as shutdown. The Global Settings pop-up configures startup options, sets password protection, and manages add-ons (such as the included Phonon Audio). TimeComX also lets users create more than one profile and Save and Debug the log file.

We tried a variety of Events in TimeComX, as well as counter options, and found it just as easy to use as Windows' built-in feature--or easier--and much more flexible and capable. Grabbing and twisting the Simple Counter's knob adds a touch of fun to this easy-to-use app. Whether you want a PC-based alarm clock or a simple way to find out if your PC's been used while you were away, give TimeComX Basic a try.

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