Make your own icons with this easy-to-use freeware

Create and edit icons with Junior Icon Editor.

Junior Icon Editor is a free graphics drawing tool optimized for creating and editing icons to use in Windows. You can create icons in sizes up to 64x64 pixels and 32-bit True Color. It includes a variety of standard drawing tools like paint brushes and text tools, and its tabbed interface lets you create several icons at once. You can set transparency, enlarge or reduce images, and smooth edges, among other functions. Once you've created and saved your custom icons, you can use them to replace other icons in Windows.

Junior Icon Editor is basically a simplified, specialized image editor and drawing tool, and its interface will be familiar to many users. Clicking New Icon opened a wizard that let us configure our default icon size, format, quality, and other specifications, though these settings are easy to change. We chose the full size, 64x64, and highest image and color settings. Junior Icon Editor's drawing tools are conventional but effective, and its color picker and sampler tools are easy to use. We quickly created an abstract-style icon using broad strokes and bold colors and saved it to a folder. We decided to try out our new icon on Junior Icon Editor's own desktop icon. In Windows 7, we right-clicked the program's desktop icon and selected Properties. On the Shortcuts tab, we clicked Change Icon. The icon selection tool appeared. We simply browsed to our new icon, selected it, and clicked OK. The program's icon changed to our newly created icon, which had a more attractive look than we thought it would. The new icon had the same target and properties as the old one and worked just as well.

This free tool gives users many opportunities to view and purchase sets of stock icons for a wide range of uses, and you can also download an upgraded, premium tool with more capabilities. Of course, you can also use any competent drawing tool to create icons as well as with Junior Icon Editor, though not quite as easily. But for designing and creating your own icons quickly and with minimal fuss, Junior Icon Editor is already there.

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