Accounting Maths andrte Computing takes 'ad-suppod' freeware to illogical conclusions

Avoid this ad-blasting, compromised "freeware" for better educational tools.

There's no shortage of math-related educational freeware (or, as they say in Britain and many other places, "maths") and U.K.-based Eptsoft would clearly like your local council to choose its product, Accounting Maths and Computing for Business Studies V10, for your schools. To that end, it offers an ad-supported, reduced-feature freeware version of this package of educational and financial tools. However, it also has what may well be the most persistent and annoying full-screen ads we've ever encountered, and it disables full-screen features so you can't possibly miss the constantly refreshing, ad-splashed background. The worst part is, the publisher only wants a quid or two (or the equivalent in euros or dollars) to remove the ad screen and restore the full-screen features. Well, that's not free; why not just say so?

We downloaded and installed Accounting Maths and Computing's free version, which opened with a full page of advertising from the old BIG AND COLORFUL FONTS school. The same ad appeared in a full-screen pop-up advising us to close the window to continue with our evaluation. OK, but, "evaluation"? Isn't it freeware? We barely had time to ponder the thought before our screen was taken over by the same ad, which reappeared every few seconds, no matter how many times we closed it. In the brief intervals, we tried to access some of the program's features under the Contents menu. We saw a lot of pop-up formulae and illustrated diagrams, and some calculating and conversion tools, but we never got a good look before we had to close the ad page again.

It's hard to make a fair assessment of Accounting Maths and Computing's educational tools, but we gave it the old college try. With so many competent math, accounting, and educational freeware available, it's hard to imagine why Eptsoft doesn't let individuals and non-commercial users try its wares unimpeded by aggressive nag screens and compromised features.

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