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Hooked is an app recommendation engine that helps you find Android games to specifically suit your gaming profile.

Hooked is an app recommendation engine that helps you find Android games to specifically suit your gaming profile. Because the Android Market is filled with hundreds of thousands of games, many of which are low-quality, it's a really helpful tool for uncovering some of the lesser-known gems available. It takes into account the games you have installed on your device, your gameplay statistics, and if you log in using your Facebook or Google+ account, your social data as well.

To get started, open up Hooked, and rate the apps you already have installed (Like or Dislike). This gives it a starting point for its recommendations. To access recommendations, go to the Recommended tab at the top of the screen. If you don't like a recommendation, hit the X to remove it and bring in a new game. If you find a game you like, you can save it to download at a later time, or use the link to bring you straight to its page in the Android Market.

The Discover tab at the top of the screen shows you what games are being recommended to, rated by, or played by other Hooked users. This is a really useful alternative to the typical recommendation page, as it shows you what's relevant now.

The Search tab at the top lets you conduct a simple keyword search and filter by several factors including category, price, or release date.

One thing I like about the app is the My Games section, which lets you go in and play any of your installed games right from the Hooked interface. This means you could conceivably clear your Android desktop of all your game shortcuts and replace them with a single Hooked shortcut. This isn't a primary function of the app, but it's helpful if you take advantage of it.

Overall, I think Hooked does a great job of recommending games that a user might like. For instance, since it served up several puzzle and brain-teasing games to me, I could tell its recommendations were personalized. In fact, it recommended several games that I've downloaded and enjoyed in the past--which is a good sign. At that same time, this was also a bit of a pain point. I wish I could've rated apps that I've played in the past, but aren't currently installed on my phone. This could've minimized the number of recommendations that I've seen before. Despite this minor shortcoming, I highly recommend Hooked for anyone who loves discovering and downloading new games for Android. It's sure to help you find something new to play.

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