Fix faces with Cosmetic Guide Lite

Apply cosmetic fixes to portraits with this feature-limited freeware.

Cosmetic Guide Lite cosmetically corrects portraits, especially full-face portraits, with graphics editing tools instead of makeup. The Lite version is a freeware release of a premium tool. Unfortunately, it contains few of the cosmetic-specific features of the paid version, making it of little use beyond demonstrating the paid tool's capabilities with video demonstrations.

Cosmetic Guide Lite is essentially an image editor, like Photoshop and many others, but with reduced and simplified features. The Lite version includes the standard Smudge, Brush, Crop, Resize, and Text tools, as well as the Smart Patch and Bleach Teeth tools from the premium version. The program opened with a page of demonstration videos, each showing screenshots of various corrections being applied to stock images, including procedures like smoothing wrinkles, removing moles and blemishes, and even rhinoplasty and liposuction.

The program is designed to be easy to use, and some of the main features were familiar, such as the smudge tool. The body modification tool seems to be a standard image stretcher, with resulting distortions, but since we couldn't actually try it, we can't be sure. The tooth-bleaching tool worked well enough. It lightens anything you brush it against, though, so staying on the teeth is critical: you don't want to brush an image's gums. The Smart Patch is the Lite version's most capable tool. We could highlight an area and then move the selection tool around the image, with the new selections appearing inside the original area. When we got a good match, we could click it to blend it in. A button on the toolbar let us toggle between our changes and the original image.

Cosmetic Guide Lite doesn't really do anything that you can't do with a decent image-editing tool and a little practice, but it's a good place to start if you're not familiar with image editing and you have a particular interest in cosmetics, portraiture, and photography. In fact, some users may find its screenshot demos to be Cosmetic Guide Lite's best feature.

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