Bring the world of Disney to your desktop with Disney Screensaver

Enjoy colorful Disney scenes with 3D objects with this free screensaver.

Kids of all ages will enjoy Disney Screensaver, a free animated screensaver from ScreenSaverGift that displays background images of your favorite Disney cartoon characters with active but pleasant 3D screen animations. It's not loud or flashy, but its colorful motion and upbeat background music make it an amusing distraction that will be especially appealing to the small ones.

As with the developer's other free screensavers, Disney Screensaver basically installs itself, as we discovered when we opened our screensaver properties. We selected Disney from the list, and Windows displayed a preview of the screensaver, a scene based on the classic cartoon feature, "Bambi." We clicked Preview, and the screensaver popped up on our monitor, playing Disney-approved contemporary pop. The characters themselves are static, but numerous butterflies, birds, flowers, and other happy-faced objects floated around our screen. After a while, Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend, Minnie, appeared, dressed to the nines for a stroll in the park.

We clicked Settings, which let us stretch the background image to fit our screen and access the Display and Sound settings. The Display settings identified our graphics card and noted its ability to use 3D rendering. There's a check box for disabling 3D rendering on systems that can't use it. We could also specify our display resolution in pixels or keep the default setting, Automatic. Since the screensaver displayed perfectly on our monitor, we kept the default choice. The Sound Settings consist of a Volume slider and a Mute button. We could access the program's Web site by clicking a button labeled Get More Screensavers. We'd like the ability to change the number and speed of the screen objects, for instance, and maybe select which scenes are displayed, but for the most part, this free screensaver performed well.

Disney Screensaver, appropriately, is slickly done, colorful, and totally inoffensive and uncontroversial. It will probably prove a bit cloying to adult tastes, though it has ironic possibilities, and it's safe for the youngest PC users.

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