Test multiple sites with Download Speed Test

This free bandwidth-speed test lets you test any download link you like.

We've seen plenty of Internet bandwidth speed tests, both the online and standalone kind. Download Speed Test from AB-Tools.com is a standalone freeware speed test, which means it tests your bandwidth from your PC instead of from a Web site. This approach has advantages, such as letting you choose any download for your speed test. Download Speed Test also lets you run continuous tests, yielding a better average score over time.

Download Speed Test's twin automotive-style gauges display the current and average download speed. A line graph beneath the dials displays download times graphically, and the lower panel shows a log file. We started by pasting a download link into the entry field and pressing Start. The needles on the speed dials stuck at our maximum speed, though the program also displayed our current download speed in kilobytes and our average speed in megabytes, each to two decimal places.

Next we selected the check box for continuous testing. Download Speed Test continuously downloaded our target address, displaying the time and speed in the graph window, while the log view showed start and stop times, downloads canceled and completed, amount of data transferred, the target site, and other data. To stop the test, we simply clicked Stop. There doesn't seem to be a provision for saving log files, though it's certainly easy enough to copy and paste logs into a text file or archive of your choice. Under the Extras menu, we found two language options, English and German, as well as a small but useful Options dialog giving options to write protocols to files, simulate user agents (browsers), and display traffic in bits instead of bytes. This simple-to-use program includes Help and About files and links to a forum.

We tried a variety of downloads with Download Speed Test, including its own download link. We think it's probably the most useful tool of its type we've tried.

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