See your fonts with FontViewer

View all your fonts at once with this simple freeware.

Have you ever wanted to use a special font in a document (or anywhere) but had trouble simply figuring out which fonts you have and what they look like? We sure have, which is why we're always keen to try simple tools like Moo0's FontViewer. This compact freeware displays sample text in all the fonts installed in your system. You can adjust the size in points and display bold and italic characters, too. It doesn't install, modify, or access your fonts; it simply gives you a fast, easy way to see what they look like. But it's invaluable for previewing fonts before specifying them in other programs, especially those that don't allow previews or require lots of backtracking after each choice.

FontViewer's compact interface is very simple, just a text entry field, checkboxes for Italic and Bold, and Point (size) adjusters, apart from the View button. Clicking this button filled the main window with our sample text (the default is "Sample Text") in all our installed fonts, listed alphabetically. We simply had to type in new text and hit View to see it rendered in all our fonts. The program offers few options--just Keep on Top, Easy Drag, and Close by Mouse Wheel--though we had many interface languages to choose from. The About menu displays version information and links to the developer's site.

That's about all there is to FontViewer. We'd like to see a search field to enter the name of a specific font to view it quickly, which would help in systems with lots of fonts installed, and perhaps the ability to view or open a font's properties or folder--but that also starts to sound like bells and whistles to us. For a fast way to see what specific text looks like in various fonts, simple is better, and FontViewer is just the tool.

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