Take your screenshots to the next level with CrossGL SnapDraw

Edit, annotate, and much more with this comprehensive program.

The built-in Windows screen capture tool is pretty basic, and for that reason there is a plethora of programs that let users customize the way they take screenshots and what they do with the resulting images. CrossGL SnapDraw is one of the more comprehensive options we've seen. Casual users of screen capture tools will likely find the program to be a little much, but users who need options to annotate and edit their screenshots will appreciate the program's many features.

The first thing that CrossGL SnapDraw wanted us to do was configure the keyboard shortcut that we wanted to use to activate the program. Once that was done, we tried activating it, and a popup message appeared telling us how to proceed. Moving our mouse around the screen highlighted each selected window or object in red, and once we'd landed on the one we wanted to capture, we had only to press Enter. The program captured our image and opened it in its editing interface. There were numerous options for manipulating our screenshot; we could rotate it, watermark it, resize it, add a background, adjust the margins, and much more. It was easy to add lines, shapes, text and other objects to our image. Although the program's interface is cleanly laid out and resembles many other image editors, it will likely take users a little while to familiarize themselves with the program's many tools. The program has ample downloadable documentation, though, and most of it's easy enough to figure out with a bit of trial and error. CrossGL SnapDraw isn't for everyone, but users who make frequent use of screenshots and want a lot of powerful tools for working with them would do well to check it out.

CrossGL SnapDraw installs a desktop icon without asking but uninstalls cleanly.

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