View your images with Photo View

See image previews and properties with this handy tool.

Anyone with a digital camera knows how quickly the sheer number of photos on your hard drive can become completely unmanageable. Photo View is a simple program that lets users easily preview images and their properties. It's a handy tool to have if you need some help managing your image files.

The program's interface is simple and easy to navigate. Down the left side a tree hierarchy lets users navigate to images wherever they're stored. Select a folder and a pane along the bottom of the interface displays thumbnails of all of the images within. Clicking on any image displays a preview, along with a histogram, EXIF data, and magnifier properties. We liked the magnifier tool, which lets users zoom in on all or only a selected part of the image. There's not much in the way of editing features--users can rotate, flip, invert, and equalize images--but that's not the point of Photo View to begin with. Users can choose between English, Czech, and Polish as the program's default language, but that's about it in terms of features. Photo View also lacks a Help file, which isn't a serious drawback since it's so easy to use. Perhaps our only real complaint about Photo View is that it doesn't let users move images between folders, which would have been an excellent organizational tool. Overall, though, we think that if you need a quick and easy way to view your images and their properties, Photo View isn't a bad choice.

Photo View comes as a ZIP file and is accessible after extraction with no need for installation.

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