Add effects to your images with Photo Frames & Effects Free

Don't expect more than the basics from this simple program.

Photo Frames & Effects Free is a basic image editor with a handful of special image enhancements. It's definitely not the most impressive or comprehensive image editor we've seen, but for simple tweaks and effects it's not a bad choice.

The program's interface is plain and intuitive, with a tabbed menu giving users access to editing features, effects, and filters. The editing menu contains the basics, such as rotating and resizing tools and white balance and contrast controls, though we were surprised to find that the program doesn't seem to have a cropping feature. The graphics menu revealed a selection of frames, borders, shadows, and textures; these were all of decent quality, though none of them were things we hadn't seen before elsewhere, and there wasn't a large variety to choose from. Some of the features weren't especially useful, either; for example, users can crop their image in the shape of a heart, leaf, puzzle piece, or other object, but there's no way to adjust the position of the image within the object. The selection of filters includes blur, edge detect, high pass, low pass, and others; a few weren't familiar to us, and the built-in Help file did nothing to explain what they were. Over all, Photo Frames & Effects Free worked just fine, but there's not much about it that really sets it apart from the competition, and there are plenty of other programs with more features that are also free.

Photo Frames & Effects Free installs and uninstalls without issues.

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