Save time on desktop tasks with Zigzag Cleaner

Perform a variety of tasks with simple mouse motions using this clever tool.

Whether you need to quickly access something on your desktop or just need a quick way to hide an open window from prying eyes, there are better ways to accomplish this task than with a keyboard shortcut. One of these is Zigzag Cleaner, a clever little utility that will minimize any open windows with just a swipe of the mouse. But that's not all it does: Zigzag can also be used to quickly accomplish a variety of common desktop tasks.

Zigzag Cleaner appears as an icon in the Windows system tray; right-clicking on it brings up a configuration menu that can be used to fine-tune the program's behavior. However, Zigzag Cleaner is ready to do its thing as soon as it's installed without any setup. Simply move your mouse on the screen in a Z-shape--without holding down a button on the mouse or keyboard--and all open windows will be minimized. Draw the Z again in reverse and the windows maximize again. If this were all that Zigzag Cleaner did it would still be worth having, but the program is actually highly configurable; instead of minimizing or maximizing open windows, the program can also be set to open particular folders, run particular programs, open and close the CD tray, tile windows, and perform many other functions. Although the free version of Zigzag Cleaner only supports the use of two symbols--the Z and backwards Z--the paid version supports eight more. A built-in Help file provides plenty of instructions for the program's use. Overall, we think that Zigzag Cleaner is a very handy utility, and we recommend it.

Zigzag Cleaner installs politely but leaves a Start menu icon and folder behind upon removal.

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