Clean and optimize your PC with Cloud-based resources with SlimCleaner

Clean, repair, and optimize your PC with this top-quality system utility.

SlimCleaner is a free utility that cleans, optimizes, repairs, and updates your PC based on the latest threats and issues. Antivirus programs have been doing that for years. But SlimCleaner pioneered the use of Cloud-based reporting and actual user feedback in designing its system cleaning and optimizing tools. SlimCleaner's unique color-coded Community Ratings system can help you decide which settings, programs, and processes are the best choice for your system by showing you at a glance what's safe, what's suspicious, and what's gotta go. It includes some useful disk tools as well as easy access to many of the quick fixes scattered throughout Windows. SlimCleaner can uninstall programs, too. But its main purpose is to use real-world analysis and feedback to help you keep your PC clean, lean, and safe.

SlimCleaner's colorful, tabbed interface doesn't seem much different from similar tools at first glance, but it actually gives you quick access to a lot of data, options, and settings. Tabs on the right side access each tool: Cleaner, Optimize, Software, Browsers, Hijack Log, Disk Tools, and Windows Tools. SlimCleaner takes pity on inexperienced users with one of the best Help sections we've seen, offering online help for member support, tutorials, and a full manual. Creating or signing in to your optional Slim Utilities account is easy (you can use Facebook) and enables access to Cloud resources.

SlimCleaner not only cleaned and optimized our system but also scanned our installed software, Web browsers, and other settings, identifying items as safe or in need of further attention. SlimCleaner's scans are extremely fast and err on the side of caution. For example, the Cleaner's Registry Section doesn't select anything by default, unlike the rest of the Cleaner's Sections: That keeps you from deleting the wrong things. The Optimize scan offered Cloud and AV data on each entry, as well as Community Ratings. We also ran each section separately by clicking the large Analyze button and also clicked the AutoClean button to let SlimCleaner's army of users decide for us (though you still have the last word on stuff like Web cookies). We like SlimCleaner and think you will too.

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