Let PhraseExpress Portable type it out for you

Automatically enter repetitive words and phrases with this flexible tool.

People who have to type in the same words and phrases over and over again should check out PhraseExpress, a free tool that automatically enters any string of text you set it up to enter; as many as you like, as often as you like. It can automatically detect repetitive phrases and text strings and offer to automate them. Its algorithms can also help you complete your sentences. PhraseExpress USB Edition is a completely portable version of PhraseExpress. You can save it to a USB drive and run it on any compatible computer without having to install it.

We started PhraseExpress, which set up shop in the system tray. Clicking it called up a menu accessing the last used entry, the Clipboard Cache, and Settings as well as an entry called Create New Phrase. Clicking this opened a text balloon in German. We opened the Settings, which offered many options from a tree view listing Word Corrections, Last Used, and Clipboard Cache, each of which offered hotkey, autotext, and other settings. Still more settings are available by clicking Settings on the Tools menu, where we changed the User Interface Language from Autodetect to English, though that didn't cure the tool tip language issue. Nevertheless, we found PhraseExpress easy to use. Following the program's advice in the main window, we created folders to organize our phrases. Selecting a phrase in the tree view displays it in the main window, where we could edit it. The whole thing is simple: Click New Phrase and enter a description, which also appears in the content window since most of the time they're identical or nearly so. Next we entered our content, chose a hotkey combination, and clicked OK. We could have added a macro or configured the autotext, too, but we started with the basics, and those two features offer considerable flexibility. A clear, comprehensive manual explains all functions.

PhraseExpress USB Edition proved an effective tool for entering repetitive text, but it does more, such as automatically analyzing your typing speed and accuracy. Suppose you do evaluations and find yourself typing in the same half-dozen paragraphs over and over again. PhraseExpress can do it for you with a few keystrokes. Why wouldn't you use it?

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