Protect your pics with TSR Watermarking Image Software Portable

Watermark images with this portable freeware.

Watermarking helps secure your images and documents from unauthorized use and theft. TSR Watermarking Image Software Portable is a totally portable version of TSR's basic watermarking package. It's free for individuals, but commercial users must buy a license when their 30-day trial expires. Since it's totally portable, it can run from a USB drive, compact flash drive, and similar media. That makes it a great choice for on-the-go photographers since it can watermark images from any compatible PC.

TSR Watermarking's user interface is businesslike, with few frills, if any. Three tabs handle the program's functions: Files to Watermark, Watermark(s) Configuration, and Save Watermarked Pictures as. We started by browsing to an image file to watermark, though we could select entire directories of files, too. TSR handles most common image types. We added a Watermarks Profile on the configuration tab. We could create text or image watermarks, including borders, colors, fonts, transparency, and effects, as well as size and placement. On the next tab, we selected our Watermark Profile from a list box and set our other choices, including a Destination for our watermarked files, which should be different from the source file, especially if the watermark isn't readily visible. Ours was, though, as we saw when we ran the tool and our saved, watermarked image's thumbnail appeared in the destination folder. A fourth tab accesses a log file. We could select an interface language from an extensive list of choices on the menu bar, or access a good, Web-based Help file that does a fine job of walking new users through this simple but capable program's steps.

TSR Watermarking proved an easy-to-use, capable tool for creating simple but effective watermarks and applying them to images. It can even add your text watermark information to an image's EXIF data. Whether it's a tiny, transparent copyright mark for the lower corner or a banner watermark describing copyright limitations, this effective freeware can handle it.

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