Save it with Clipboard Help and Spell

Save, store, and search text entries and more with this free tool.

Clipboard Help and Spell is a free tool that saves and stores your text Clipboard entries, letting you search, filter, and open just the right entry among many. It offers hot keys, text formatting, image capture, and more options than we could describe, even if that's all we did in the allotted space.

Clipboard Help and Spell has a main window that we could open from the program's system tray icon, but most of the time that tray icon is the program's primary interface. Clicking it calls up a handy menu of common operations like opening clips, formatting presets, and viewing features; right-clicking it calls up an even longer menu accessing Help, About, Update, and Forum features, Options and Preferences, and other housekeeping. We opened the Options and Preferences sheet, which let us customize the interface, set our preferences for copying, pasting, and other functions, and even enable a few of what the program calls Tweaks, such as a Window Watching feature and a temporary database directory.

We could also set many options from the Main Window, which has Explorer's familiar three-panel layout, including the left-side tree view. This is handy for managing and editing large numbers of notes as well as creating and managing Virtual Folders, one for Clips with URLs and another for Clips with Images. Clicking Layouts on the menu bar let us toggle between several view options as well as customize the columns. However, right-clicking the system tray icon proved the quickest and easiest way to set up and use the program.

Since we hadn't yet set any Favorite Clips, the only clips Clipboard Help and Spell displayed were those we'd created since our last system cleaning, which we found under Time and Date TextClips. It's important to set up the program's backup feature to automatically archive your clips, but that's easy and even includes automatic filing options that will move clips from the New to the Old group or Recycle Bin at a specified time. The spell-checker, text formatting, and other options are comparable to what you'd find in a word processing tool.

Clipboard Help and Spell is easily the most sophisticated and flexible tool we've yet seen for saving, searching, and storing Clipboard text entries. It serves well as a note-keeping application, too.

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