Check your burners with LightScribe Diagnostic Utility

Got LightScribe? Run this free tool to find out.

LightScribe's technology burns customized labels directly onto specially treated DVDs and CDs. To use it, you must have a LightScribe-enabled disk burner. LightScribe Diagnostics Utility is a free tool that can check your system's LightScribe compatibility as well as its readiness to run the software without problems. It also scans for conflicts, suggesting changes that you can accept, reject, or modify. After you've checked out whether your system is ready to run LightScribe, you can uninstall the diagnostic tool or keep it in case you make any hardware or software changes. If you're not sure your disk burner supports LightScribe, simply download and run this diagnostic tool to find out. If LightScribe should be enabled but isn't, it can help you sort out any conflicts or problems.

The tool uses a series of small pop-ups for most steps, though clicking Advanced on the View menu opened a larger interface with tabs for Diagnostics, Event Log, Error Files, and Utilities. Boxes listed data on our LightScribe version, our system, and all LightScribe-enabled drives and media. We could save and export data, too, as well as clear and refresh the data by clicking buttons in the Operations field. We tried the tool on a LightScribe-enabled system as well as one with a DVD-RW drive that did not support LightScribe. The diagnostic tool accurately identified our LightScribe setup on one system and lack of one on the other.

To run LightScribe Diagnostics Utility, your system must have LightScribe's Windows software installed as well as enabled on startup, but you can download and run it for free. Since it runs automatically at startup, be sure to uninstall it if your system doesn't have LightScribe! We've used LightScribe for years without trouble, but a lot of steps are involved, and things can go wrong, especially when mechanical parts meet software. LightScribe Diagnostics Utility can help them play nice together.

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