Fight back against malware with IObit Malware Fighter

Scan, quarantine, and remove malware from your system with this free tool.

Malware can consist of computer viruses, adware, tracking software, and many other forms of mayhem, but what it has in common is that none of it is welcome in your computer. You should already have antivirus protection and similar safeguards, but we strongly recommend regularly scanning your PC for infections with an antimalware tool. Fortunately, you have several choices when it comes to free tools that can find and remove a wide range of threats and nuisances. IObit's Malware Fighter Free comes as a standalone download or bundled with other IObit tools. With automatic updates, a variety of system guards, and a Cloud Security option, it offers a lot in addition to its scanning capabilities.

Malware Fighter's user interface is typical of system utilities, despite its unique colors scheme and design: large fonts, rounded edges, and ads (someone has to pay; just be glad it's not you!) as well as tabs accessing the program's Overview, Scan, Protect, and Cloud features. Clicking Quarantine called up a dialog listing suspicious files (if any). The Protect page offers 8 separate guard options: Startup, Browser, Network, File, Cookie, Process, USB Disk, and Malicious Action. The Cloud Security page lets users upload their data to IObit's Cloud security site. After updating the database, we scanned our system. By default, the first scan is the program's Smart Scan, but subsequently we could choose it or Full or Custom scans. The scan took a little more than three minutes and found no malware. A full scan took much longer, though. We also ran Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, which many consider the standard in free anti-malware tools. But it found nothing that IObit's tool missed.

So which should you try? Both! Here's the thing about free malware scanners: Absolutely nothing is stopping you from downloading and running as many as you like (just not simultaneously). You have nothing to lose but your malware. Try IObit; try Malwarebytes; try the others, too, and then make a regular habit of using the ones you like best. You'll never be sorry you scanned too much.

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