Don't count on Alarm Clock-7

If you need a functional alarm, skip this crappy clock.

The clock that's built into Windows does a decent enough job of telling you what time it is, but it doesn't have any of the extra features that can make clocks exceptionally useful. Alarm Clock-7 is a desktop clock that promises to bring useful features to your desktop, including--of course--alarms. The only problem is that the alarm feature doesn't seem to work.

The program's interface is nothing to get excited about, but it was at least inoffensive, displaying a traditional-style digital clock on our desktop. The clock can be moved and resized, and users can change the background color and style as well. We liked it that Alarm Clock-7 also gives users the option to add the date, day of the week, and seconds display to the clock. Unfortunately, that's where our praise of Alarm Clock-7 ends. We accessed the settings menu by right-clicking on the interface, and we set about scheduling our alarm. At first it wasn't clear whether we were supposed to set the number of hours and minutes in which we wanted the alarm to go off, like a timer, or enter the actual time the alarm was supposed to go off. We tried it both ways, several times, and nothing happened. When we returned to the list of alarms, the one we set was gone. The built-in Help file is written in broken English and provided no assistance. Although Alarm Clock-7 seemed promising with its no-nonsense interface, its central feature doesn't work, and that makes it hard to recommend.

Alarm Clock-7 installs and uninstalls without issues.

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