Sega Dreamcast classic ChuChu Rocket now on Android

ChuChu Rocket is a fast-paced and addictive puzzle game that many might recognize from its glory days on Sega's classic Dreamcast console.

In ChuChu Rocket, your objective is to guide hordes of frantic mice (ChuChus) to their rocket ship by dropping arrowed tiles on the ground. As the mice move about the screen, simply swipe in front of them to drop a tile and point them in a direction to run. While the game may not sound very difficult, there are, in fact, an assortment of obstacles and an army of evil cats that very well could have you pulling your hair out by level 10.

There are three different game modes to choose from in ChuChu Rocket: Puzzle, Challenge, and Battle. Puzzle is the basic offering, while Challenge gives you specific, brain-teasing objectives to complete, and Battle pits you against up to three other players. Each is fun in its own way, but we found Challenge to be the most addicting, with levels that ask you to do things like rescue a hundred mice in 30 seconds, or avoid a labyrinth full of cats.

With its ridiculously fast-paced gameplay and absurd storyline, ChuChu Rocket is undoubtedly one of the more interesting puzzle games out there. Whether you used to play it on Dreamcast or you're just now hearing about it, we think it's definitely worth a download.

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