Firefox still rocks Littlefox

Add clean, colorful icons to Firefox with this long-running, space-maximizing theme.

Longtime Firefox users may be familiar with Littlefox, which started out even before Firefox as a Mozilla theme. It's designed to maximize the size a browser's main window by reducing the size of its icons and toolbars. It's evolved over the years and through many versions of Firefox, but always with the goal of maximizing useful screen space while creating a unique and consistently attractive look. It was a favorite back when Firefox still resembled Netscape, so we were happy to check out the latest version, which is compatible with Firefox 8.

Littlefox downloads and installs like any Firefox add-on, which requires restarting the browser. Littlefox reduced the size of the Firefox button, navigation toolbar, and other browser features, though the change is far less noticeable than it once was. Clicking the orange Firefox button showed that Littlefox had applied its attractive colored icons to menu items. We right-clicked the toolbar and toggled on the Menu Bar (which replaces the Firefox button) and saw that Littlefox's changes applied to those menus, too. When we returned to the add-ons manager page, Littlefox's improvements were also evident. The program gets its icons from, as we learned on its page on the add-on manager's Appearance tab. When we removed Littlefox for comparison, the default menus and icons seemed dull, and there also seemed to be too few of them.

Firefox has lost ground to other browsers partly because it's too easy to load it up and slow it down with extras. Newer versions are more judicious about installing add-ons, and users are choosier, too. With so many themes available, it makes sense to pick one that not only looks good but improves the browser's interface. For that, Littlefox still makes the cut.

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