Run a tab on your folders with Watch 4 Folder

Track changes to files and folders with this nifty portable freeware.

Software does more stuff automatically than ever before, and few users have the time (or energy) to check every folder for changes. Watch 4 Folder from LeeLu Soft is a free tool that monitors your folders and files for changes and other activity. It can track up to 15 different events, execute programs and batch files, and generate live alerts. It's portable freeware that runs from any directory without having to be installed.

Watch 4 Folder's user interface is the size of a typical Windows dialog box, with two tabs, Settings and Live Log. The Settings page is divided vertically by function: 1. Select a Folder to Watch, with a tree view to browse; 2. Select the Events to Monitor, with 15 check boxes such as File and Folder Create, Delete, Change, and Rename as well as Media Insert and Remove and Association Change; 3. Select the Actions to Trigger on Events, which can be a program, batch file, and so on; and 4. Start Monitoring, with controls to save, load, and clear settings, send the program to the system tray, and other options. The Live Log feature lets you monitor text log files. Watch 4 Folder also offers command line options.

Watch 4 Folder is very easy to set up and use, as we found when using it to monitor changes to this review document. We simply selected our target folder, including the check box to monitor subfolders, and the events we wanted to monitor. Once we'd made our selections, we clicked Start Monitoring and then sent the program to the system tray. An Information pop-up and a desktop message balloon notified us of each event. That's pretty cool, but the Live Log is better still. Even though we only monitored the program's own log, the real-time updates and detailed information proved how well the feature works, and it's easy to apply to any text log file. For system administrators, users who share computers, or parents keeping tabs on the family PC, Watch 4 Folder can make life easier.

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