Track keystrokes with Free Keylogger

Monitor computer use covertly with this stealthy freeware.

You probably know that keyloggers are programs that capture a computer user's keystrokes, most often surreptitiously. As the name suggests, IwantSoft's Free Keylogger is a freeware keylogging app. It can track and record keystrokes, clipboard activity, and Net surfing on individual PCs or networks (with administrative access) without users being able to see it or disable it. Of course, you need access to a user's PC to install Free Keylogger, and there are ethical and potential legal issues involved when you monitor someone else's computer use. But for parents who need to know what their kids are up to or business owners concerned about liability from use of company PCs, for example, Free Keylogger is a cost-effective option.

Free Keylogger's user interface is small but packed with controls and features like a built-in calendar for quick reports, Startup and Invisibility settings, and Used Tools, which contains check boxes for selecting keystroke logging, clipboard scans, and Web navigation monitoring. We could set the program to start in hidden mode, hide it in the Start Menu and Uninstall list, set Hidden Mode hot keys, and uninstall the program from the interface. Following the software's instructions, we typed some text into a Web-based test field and clicked Keystrokes & Clipboard on Free Keylogger's interface. The program produced a text document logging the time, window, browser, user name, and keystrokes. We could generate a report of any day's activities simply by selecting the date in the scrolling calendar and clicking either Keystrokes & Clipboard or Visited Websites (links). Clicking Delete Reports instantly deleted the reports for the selected date. This is an important feature when Free Keylogger is used covertly. There's no Help file associated with the interface, but the online documentation suffices, and Free Keylogger is very easy to use.

We should emphasize the importance of using tools like Free Keylogger carefully and ethically, not to mention legally. For parents, business owners, and anyone who is responsible for how others use a computer, Free Keylogger can be cheap protection.

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